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For glowing skin, we try so many things but to make the skin moisturized is our major preference, so does it not look like the dry and dead skin.
Aloe Vera moisturizer
This is the main therapy to make glowing skin. To make an aloe vera moisturizer you should take the following ingredients. 1 cup aloe vera gel, 10-20 spoons beeswax, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup almond oil, 8-10 drops essential oil. Melt the almond oil and beeswax in a double boiler. Now make the paste by using the blender and try to cool the paste. Now add aloe vera gel and essential oil in the blender till the paste become smooth. You may store this paste in a jar. Try to keep this paste in a refrigerator.
Honey and glycerine
Please take one teaspoon honey, two teaspoons glycerine, one teaspoon lemon juice and two teaspoons green tea. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and make a paste. You may apply this paste on your skin and massage properly. If you have dry skin, you may keep applied this paste whole night and wash with plain water in the next morning.
Cocoa butter almond
To make this therapy take one spoon almond oil, one spoon honey, two teaspoon cocoa butter, and two teaspoons rose water. Melt the cocoa butter and almond oil in a container. Now add rose water and honey mix the ingredients and cool it. Keep this mixture in a jar after proper cooling.
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