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You will not believe when I will say you that your RO filtered water is making you unhealthy. You would say we are using RO filter water to make us healthy. Many people feel they are using pure water but this is not right. RO water is not at all perfect for good health. It may happen that you are not consuming the mineral along with RO water purifier essential for good health.
Why does it happen?
As you know that calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate is useful for good health and these are available in normal water. A fixed quantity of these minerals is necessary for the proper functioning of our body. It should be neither high nor low. A perfect purifier is those which provide all these mineral after reducing the hardness of the water.
The purifier should have a quality to balance the TDS (total dissolved solvent) level. Minimum the TDS level of the water, the sweetness of water will be maximum. Most of the technician tries to reduce the TDS level of water. We also assume that we are drinking pure water. The problem comes when the TDS level of water becomes too low. In this condition, it may create a problem for your health.
What is the solution?
You should verify the TDS level of RO water in your residence. To verify the level, keep an eye during servicing of your water purifier. Every technician those work in a purifier company keeps a device which calculates the TDS level. The optimum level of TDS of water should be the minimum 80 and maximum it would be 150.
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