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We looked into Reddit for some of the most embarrassing social situations out there. This is of course not for the faint-hearted! Of course, these are just for folly to make you know that you are not the only ones caught in a socially awkward situation:

"Not being able to hear what someone is saying, so you say 'what?' Then they say it again but you STILL can't hear them so you just laugh and say 'yeah' and pray they weren't asking a question." — Redditorraisethecurtain

"I ordered a meal at a Wendy's drive-thru. After they were done taking my order they said 'thanks.' For some reason I replied with 'drive-thru please.' Got some awkward stares at the window." — Redditor tush17

"Getting my haircut at a new place in town, the guy asks 'What do you do for a living' I answer then go 'what about you?' Haven't been back since. I'm such an idiot." — Redditor bluebored

"I knew a girl who had a last name that is also a common first name. I saw her after not seeing her for a year, and I kept referring to her as her last name instead of her first. She never corrected me. It wasn't until later that I realized my mistake and took 10 years off my life." — Redditor PageofSteel

"My housemate and I pulled into our driveway to find his recent ex-girlfriend leaving having dumped some of his stuff on our doorstep. We said some really awkward hellos. She came back a few minutes later because her car wouldn't start. She sat in the kitchen in tears and then my housemate got a nosebleed and ran from the room. I was left with the crying ex-girlfriend and a chronic inability to take things seriously." — Redditor dsnmi

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