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I am sure once in your life you may have come across a kid suffering from Thalassemia. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disease that the children receive from their parents and this is the reason it is detected after 3 months in the children. Many children around the world suffer from this disease. In this, the blood level decreases. If not treated on time the child could die.

Types of Thalassemia

There are two types of Thalassemia. Minor thalassemia and Major thalassemia.

When a chromosome in the body of a woman or a male is present, the child becomes a victim of minor thalassemia.

But if both the female and male chromosomes get spoiled, then it creates the status of major thalassemia. Because of which, after 6 months of taking birth, the body stops making blood, and the body needs a blood transfusion.

Home Remedies

To save the child from this serious disease, first, you must get the blood test done before marriage. If you haven’t got your blood test done. They get a DNA test done within 8 to 11 weeks of pregnancy. If you get these test done, then there are chances you might have time to save your child.


Thalassemia treatment depends on the severity of the disease. Many times children with thalassemia may need to take blood for 2 to 3 times a month.

Bone marrow transplantation is possible to treat these diseases successfully, but matching bone marrow is a very difficult process.

Also, this serious disease can be treated by doing surgery to remove blood transfusion, bone marrow implants, medicines, and supplements, spleen or gallbladder.

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