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The El Clásico is considered one of the biggest club battle which is played between Real Madrid & FC Barcelona in the La Liga tournament. But the term is getting trendy amongst most of the tournaments. The battle between the most successful, consistent and closely encountered clubs are crowned with this title. The IPL has its own El Clásico with CSK and MI as it's ingredients. They both possess the same traits and the games too, get equally nail bitting as the Madrid & Barca's tussle does.

It all started In 2010 IPL final, CSK beat MI but the Indians defeated Lions in 2013 and 2015 final. In 2017, Mumbai faced Rising Pune winning the last-ball nailbiter by 1 run. Although Rising Pune was not Lions but being "thalla" the captain lets assume it as CSK. And in this year's IPL, we witnessed another tussle amongst them where the Paltans again won the nailbitter by 1 run to show their dominance over the most dominant club of the tournament, balancing the equation. So lets just explore, why these teams are so consistent and turn out to be this successful camps every season.

Reliance on their Indian players:Undoubtedly, they both have some great foreign players but what's common between the two sides is they rely heavily on their Indian players when compared to the foreign troops. It gives them the added benefit to 7:4 ratio which most of the teams unable to crack. Foreign players are the boost but the original work has to be done by the national lads.
Consistent bench troops:Without a doubt, they stick to the same set of players where most of the teams like RCB and RR believe in musical chairs. The management shows their loyalty towards the core and they successfully repay it
United we stand Divided we fall! The saying goes well with both these teams. A regular pattern can be drawn from the group stage, where a particular player receives the most number of Man of the Match awards regularly. He seems to be a standout performer of the lot. But these two teams are those, where the award revolves amongst their troops. Every match has a new hero and they collectively progress in the tournament.
Composure at the crunch moments.Another common trait which can be drawn is their cool and calmness in the chaos and crisis. They know how to handle the heat. Not only the captain but also the players stand up and take the pressure on their shoulders to take the team on the right side of the table.
The content gets never ending if we talk specifically about these two teams. They certainly are the best amongst the lot and the success rate makes it quite evident. One team has won the title for the highest 4 times and another chasing it just one short. So, its quite safe to say that the other teams battle out to win the number of games and these two, for the penultimate title. And that makes CSK vs MI, the El Clásico of IPL.

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