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The committee of the State Bank-led lenders said that it has received financial bids from Etihad Airways. Bids. Some non-invited parties also placed bids for the acquisition of Jet Airways. This information came on Friday. Under the leadership of the State Bank of India, the 26 lenders’ committee had invited interest letters for Jet Airways between April 8 and 12 and received four initial bids for it.

The committee has a 51 percent stake in the jet. The lenders’ committee has offered to sell the stake of 31.2 percent to 75 percent of the airline’s company. The last day of filing a financial bid from eligible bidders was Friday. SBI Capital, which is handling the bidding process, said in the statement, “they have received A sealed bid from Etihad Airways and they will deposit it with the lenders for investigation.”

He said that there were quotes from, some uninitiated parties too. The committee of lenders can discuss this later too. Banks can test bids next week. Earlier, State Bank Of India chairman Rajneesh Kumar had said that the lenders have got 'invited' two bids for Jet Airways and there is the hope of getting another bid.

Kumar said, “State Bank of India has made enormous efforts to resume operations of Jet.” Etihad Airways said in the statement, “Etihad once again insisted that we do not want to become the chief investor of the airline. Between the other requirements, they will need the recapitalization of the jet and suitable investors.

The company said that it has been working ‘continuously’ with the main parties since the last 15 months to find solutions to make Jet again a viable and competitive airline. At present, the banks owe Rs 8,000 crore to the airline. Jet Airways was struggling with the financial crisis. They had announced the temporary closure of operations in April.

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