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We might have never really realized this fact but the way a person shakes hands with us says a lot about his or her personality. In fact, this simple gesture of handshaking speaks about one’s body language and can be quite a quick way to interpret what is going on in a person’s mind. Let’s look into the different kind of handshakes and what they reveal a person:

1. The Sweaty Palm
You must have had shaken hands which is sweaty- not really comfortable ones, it indicates nervousness. There is quite a good chance that the person is a bit self-conscious and tensed about something.
2. The dead fish
If a person shakes hand in a luke-warm manner, and you feel like you’re holding a dead fish then know that the person is kind of not interested in shaking hands with you.
3. The over-energetic ones
This one is really obvious, and we all have come across this over-excited one, who literally crushed your hand and made you cringe, right? It indicates that the person might be a little dominating by nature and can also be testing your strength.
4. The hand hug
The one which is usually seen between politicians when while shaking with one hand they make the use of another hand in covering it portraying a gesture of mutual care and trust.
5. The fist bump
Mostly followed among friends, this might not really be called a handshake, but it indicates that the person considers you a friend or is trying to establish a friendly rapport with you. Doing a fist bump is a way of expressing brotherhood and a pleasant bonding.
Now that we’ve made it quite clear as to what kind of handshake indicates what, next time you should understand a person’s personality when he/she shakes a hand with you.

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