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We know how much girls feel unsafe today in comparison to the previous days. But as much as cruelty is increasing and people’s minds are becoming evil, despite girls and ladies, kids and even men are not save.

We see women blaming men for various charges, but how many of them are correct and in how many of these cases men are actually guilty, we all don’t know only the victim and the accuser knows what the reality is. But to win the case or for taking revenge people never stop themselves from accusing the other person even with wrong allegations. We can see many cases like this, some men who were subject in the wrong case for which they have never done, got bail and some got punishment.

But after that their life ruined completely even they are genuinely innocent. So after seeing the increase in these cases many men and men-rescue-NGOs started demanding the government to change its ‘gender-biased’ law to turn into ‘gender-equality’ law.

There is a man Amit Deshpande who founded Vaastav Foundation, “for preserving and protecting men’s rights” in 2014 after his personal battle that he fought and won. Fight for innocent men and give then emotional support through counseling. In most these cases many men lost their job, family, friends, and their career went into the black hole, so they lose their confidence and become unable to face the world.

On the topic, Deshpande said, “Most of the times these cases become extortion tools and although the acquittal rate in rape cases is 74%, stretched litigation destroys a man’s reputation.”

“Once such a case is filed, a man is persecuted at every level — police, judiciary, media. Friends, family, and acquaintances look at him with suspicion. It is a myth that women don’t harass men. If we have to work towards equal rights, we have to work on legal recourse for men too. There has to be some penalty for the complainant and a system to withhold the identity of the accused until proven guilty in order to deter and weed out false accuser”.

Men like Deshpande is doing so well to increase the awareness of the false accusation faced by men by the women, and this is actually increasing the moment to protect men.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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