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Cars, factories, and cities will go towards digitization through 5G technique in the coming future. According to experts, the countries which will be ahead of its use will get an increase in competitiveness compared to the rest of the country in this century. However, a Russian website is calling it a threat to humanity by telling the dangerous effects of the 5G between US citizens.

According to the reports, the Russian Times has already labeled humanity as a dangerous use even before the 5G launch in the US. Chanel claimed by quoting several experts that the 5G is harmful to the nation’s security and health. The channel says that because of radiation of 5G, brain cancer, infertility, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease may occur. But they presented no scientific argument to prove it.

However, American experts point out this claim to the Russian website as a malicious logic. Ryan Fox, chief operating officer of America’s New Knowledge Technology firm, has termed it as an economic war on behalf of Russia. They say that Russia does not have 5G technology itself. That is why they want to spread lies among US citizens so that people’s trust and confidence from the government will be affected

Russia, under preparation, launched its first show in May last year, telling the flaws of 5G. This year, it has shown nearly 7 shows to spread false information on new technology. Many websites and blogs in the US are running Russia’s claims. The show on April 14 of the channel shows how cancer develops in children.

The frequency of the signal received by mobile in 5G technology is much higher than that of 4G. Because of this large information extends to other devices without spending time. Robot, drone, and car can be easily operated.

The Russian News Channel claims that because of high-frequency, new phones and cell towers will become fatal for the public. However, the reality is the opposite. According to scientists, the more frequency, the more difficult it will be to penetrate the human skin. The radio frequency can not reach the body inside the body. This feature of 5G makes it better than the old network.

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