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If you also want to have a loving relationship with your mother-in-law and there is a better synergy between the two of you, then there are some things that you should never say to them.

When it comes to the relation of Saas-bahu, most people start thinking about the Saas-Bahu serials coming on TV and they feel that in the reality also, the relationship of mother-in-law is full of fighting. But the reality of life is not like the TV serial. When a girl comes to her in- laws after marriage, she has to build a better relationship with her husband as well as the rest of her in-laws, especially with her mother-in-law because she is your husband's mother. In such a situation, if you also want to have a loving relationship with your mother-in-law and there is a better coordination between you, then some things that you should never say to them.

I know your son better
The worst things you can say to your mother-in-law because your husband is your son-in-law's son and no mother can afford that her daughter-in-law should tell her that she knows her son and understands him better. It will be in your mother-in-law mind that you are trying to take her place in her son's life. Everyone has their own place in the relationship. Your husband's life is different from his mother's place and wife's place, and the relationship will be better when both of them live in their own places.

Do not interfere in my married life
If your mother-in-law gives you any suggestions or advice, then listen to it lovingly, even if you don't adhere to it later. But never say that they should not interfere in your married life. She is a mother and will always want her son to be happy and now since you are also a part of her son's life, she will never want to hurt you. You may not agree with their thoughts every time but don’t tell them plainly that they do not give you any advice.

I can handle my child alone
You have the complete freedom to raise and handle your child according to your own but always remember that your child is the grandson or granddaughter of your mother-in-law. She also wants to do the same for her and care for her as much as you. Regarding the child, there is no harm in listening to her mother-in-law or sometimes following her advice. She is also a mother and she has more experience in raising children. Therefore, considering the mother-in-law not only will you make them happy, but also the relationship between the two will be strong.
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