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It doesn’t matter where the world is going, who digitalization is spreading, but the thing that is a universal truth is that- no one can beat grandma and their cooking tricks. Today maybe these things seem wired to us or outdated, but the truth is that those cooking tricks were the reason her cooking was always top notch. We round up some of the most unforgettable cooking tips that prove grandmothers always know the best.

So what are we waiting for, we should proceed towards the tricks that they use:

Always Prep Early

Remember this tip of grandma that she always uses to make the food delicious and that is she prep in advance. Get all your ingredient out in the morning and prep or marinate (if you wish to) so that you can get as much as time in the evening.

Eggs On Room Temperature

Always use eggs on the room temperature, this is probably one of the most ignored tips by most of us because we just take the eggs out of the fridge and instantly cook, without any further wait.

Salt Add Taste

When you feel something is missing from your dish or the spices are not good, just add a little salt over it and see the magic.

Add More Of Everything

“Add more water…a little more…more”, it is a familiar phrase around the family kitchen and remains a top tip to this day. And if you are in doubt give it a try. Add little more salt, little more stock, and a little more water.

Thicken a Sauce Using Cornflour

There is nothing best than a thick paste sauce, but do you know the secret when making it at home to thicken the sauce? Remember what your grandma uses to thicken any gravy in her dish, something white powder. It is cornflour and quickly thicken up anything by mixing a bit of water with some cornflour and adding this paste to sauce or gravy even in the stock.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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