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Russian Sleep Experiment is an Internet Horror Story which has been written by Holly Ice. The story is also referred as Orange Soda, and it is still confusing that whether the incident is real or just something fictional as there are some real life incidents that you can relate to after reading this story. There is a real story that connects directly to the Internet Horror Story so you should know that there is some originality in the content as well. In the story, five political prisoners are kept in a sealed gas chamber with a stimulant that takes away the sleep and keeps you awake all the time. They are promised to get freedom if they remain in the chamber for 15 days and complete the experiment. The story has been shown of the 1940s in the Soviet Union and they all seemed fine for the first few days, even whispered to the researchers through the one-way glass and seemed normal.

At the four-day mark, their conversations took a darker side. But after three days, they start to complain about circumstances and start to demonstrate severe paranoia. After five days, one of the subjects starts screaming uncontrollably tearing his vocal cords, and instead produced little squeaks. The others prevent the researchers from looking inside by pasting torn book pages and feces on porthole windows and one-way mirrors. A few days pass without the researchers being able to look inside, during which the chamber is completely silent. The researchers use the intercom to test if the subjects are still alive, and get a short response of a subject expressing compliance. After twelve days, the researchers come and say to do what they say so they go away free or get shot.

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To the researchers' surprise, one subject states, " We no longer want to be freed." After 15 days, one of the prisoners died and the four left had cut themselves off and even taken out their internal organs out. The subjects did not want to get out of the chamber and they had some kind of super human ability that made them be okay even after all of the damage. The sleep of one of the prisoners, ended up in being death for him and that was instant so one could not even sleep after the exposure. The EEG monitors showed that the subjects are brain dead, and while the three subjects who were left were being taken to the chamber again another one fell asleep and died with a researcher killing one with a gun. The last surviving subject was asked by the researcher to reveal its identity to which he called himself to be an inherent evil as a wild animal that stays inside the human brain while they are asleep. After that, the researcher shot him dead and his last words were "".

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- Rajat Priyam
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