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If the eye puffiness is the one that greets you every day in the morning rather than fresh, glowy face, there are chances that you are probably gone through quite a few eye creams. The factor behind eye puffiness is not only the same all the time but it can be any. As there are many numbers of factors such as lack of sleep, stress, late night parties or just being rundown, and this happens to all of us.

So, if you are getting so much tensed about them, I will suggest you just don’t be, because the problem can be solved very easily. Swiping the area with a little eye cream is not enough and doesn’t even have so much effect. In fact, that isn’t where you should be focusing at all, you need to work somewhere entirely different.

There is a lymphatic system that lies under the eye area, works to get rid the body of toxin, but occasionally it needs stimulation if there’s a build-up of fluid. If you notice it is a part of the professional facial to massage all over your eye area as well, and partly why skin looks so plumped and glowing just afterward.

Lymph carries away the excess fluid that makes the eyes look swollen through a series of lymph nodes and by stimulating these around the eye area will disperse that eye puffiness faster than any eye cream or gel.

So this is the trick to reduce the puffiness under eyes when it hits, isn’t it easy? The trick will become easier when you do this trick using your fingertips or if you have a jade roller you can use that, using the smaller roller on the skin will make the process effective and even faster than anything.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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