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Traveling is one of the best experience one could pouch in a heartbeat, however, it could turn to be the worst if you do not carefully plan your itinerary. Thus here are some travelling hacks you must adhere to if planning a vacation anytime soon:

Wake up early

Wake up early if you want to visit museums during high season. Early morning has many advantages - it’s not hot yet (most of Europe is very hot in summer), most people are still asleep and you have the city all to yourself. It’s quieter and greener. Be the first in line, enjoy your morning coffee and soak in the awakening city life.

Travel light

Only pack what is truly necessary! Many airlines offer attractive rates for hand luggage travelers, so it’s your chance to save and afford to travel more. Invest in a good, durable hand suitcase and pack it wisely.

Local customs

Research what is acceptable in a country you are visiting and what not. Did you know that, when in Italy, you should never order pizza or pasta with pineapples or chicken? This is not at all Italian food. Or that in China you are supposed to fight for the right to pay the bill yourself – it is considered good manners. More useful tips about various countries.

Travel scams and tourist traps

Avoid travel scams - expensive restaurants, overpriced souvenirs, cheap wine, fast food. Be careful with scammers trying to sell you “genuine” souvenirs.

Prepare your own meals

Most hostels and guesthouses have shared kitchen and usually a small local supermarket nearby. Prepare your own meal - healthier than fast food and cheaper than a restaurant! Sometimes supermarkets have warm gourmet food for take away - perfect idea to try some local specialties.

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