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I don't know if all of these count as "life hacks," but I do have some tips that have helped me a lot in my life, so I'll share those.

Shake out each individual article of clothing before putting it in the dryer or hanging it up to dry. This does wonders speeding up how quickly the laundry dries, plus it makes all the clothes dry more evenly! Then, when the dryer finishes, you can take your used-up dryer sheet and use it to clean your dryer's lint trap. It works perfectly, every time! The dryer sheet basically attracts all of the lint from the filter — even lint stuck along the edges and the corners of the trap. You can also use your used dryer sheets to clean other types of filters, like air filters and the filter in your vacuum.

You can roll a single-sided piece of tape around your finger with the sticky side facing outward to make a barrel-shaped double-sided piece of tape. You can use this double-sided piece of tape to attach papers and posters together, to the wall, or do anything else without any of the tape showing; to secure multiple pieces of fabric that you'll be sewing together; or to close the gaps that can appear between the upper buttons (around the bust) of a lady's button-up or button-down shirt so that there's never an embarrassing or uncomfortable clothing mishap.

This is barely a life hack, but I would advise that you always keep stamps in your wallet if your wallet has a tucked-away pocket for them to hide. I have come across so many occasions where I was relieved to already have a stamp on me and not have to wait until the next day to send whatever surprise letter or bill that I suddenly needed to send.

You can keep bread and bagels in the freezer, but try not to keep them in the refrigerator. The reason for this is that the water in the bread will redistribute if it's in the refrigerator, which causes the fluffy inside bit to become harder and the tougher outside bit on the crust to become softer. That leads to the bread getting stale faster. So, it's actually better to store bakery goods in the freezer than in the refrigerator if you intend to make them last longer.

You can reuse jars and containers from store-bought food. For example, many brands of lunchmeat that you can buy come in plastic tupperware containers. Those are actually good for multiple uses storing your leftovers in the fridge, and they would otherwise be thrown away! Those containers are good for even more uses if you hand-wash them. Just be sure to never microwave them. Jars should be somewhat self-explanatory, but consider the fact that many jars are plenty big enough to hold a couple of servings of food, and that you already know that the seal in the lid works because you just used it to store the food that came in it. Jars are especially great for keeping leftover soups and sauces.

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