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After Sridevi, it is Madhuri Dixit who gained the popularity and sat on the throne of Bollywood queen, just like Deepika Padukone now. And it is said till now that no one can beat the Dhak-Dhak girl because of her dancing movie, expressions, acting skills and of course her pretty curls.

Personally, when I was a kid I like Madhuri so much because my mom used to call me as I too have curly hair, so you know I can connect with herself (hahaha). But apart from all the jokes, it is her hair that made her so… so… beautiful. So today on the occasion of her birthday I am recalling her iconic hairstyles from her movies.

Long pretty red lace dress with gold accessories, tan handbag and her favorite easy to handle hairstyle. This song of Madhuri with Salman Khan from the movie ‘Hum Apke Kaun Hai’ I have seen hundreds of times, only to see this beautiful lady. If you have short hair this hairstyle of Madhuri is the best to match every outfit, you just need to blow dry your hair and make out curls.

For ethnic-time, you can go with this hairstyle of Madhuri, in this movie she was seen with wavy hair. Not so curly, and not so straight, just somewhere in between both.

And…and… ‘Ek do teen…char panch chhe sath aath…..’-, no one can forget this popular song of Madhuri who was liked by every ‘90s girl, woman, and even a kid. But apart from the song and her glittery dress, her hairstyle is also worth watching. I think after this song the side ponytail fashion came into trend.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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