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We Indian woman are taught from the very beginning that we belong to some other home, the home of our in-laws and that respecting their customs and rituals more than one’s own choices and preference are to be observed once we get married. Even after such advancement and changing outlooks, few families still stick to their weird roots when it comes to the ‘bahu’ of their family and they before handedly set guidelines as to what she should be following after getting married, here are the few awkward requests made by the groom’s family as shared by the women themselves:

1. You Can't Keep Short Hair
“A month before my marriage, my would-be-husband wanted to take me out on a date. We were having a good time until he made this strange request. His mother had pointed out how all married women in their family have long hair and she was worried that my shortly cropped hairstyle may make me feel out of place. Also, they had this tradition according to which, married women aren’t allowed to cut their hair for a year because doing so is believed to bring bad luck for the husband. So, he politely made this request on his mother’s behalf that I should grow my hair.”

2. Two Different Kitchens
“The groom’s family wanted that there should be two different cooks for the wedding banquet. The reason behind their request was that their family members who are vegetarians don’t have meals prepared in a kitchen where non-vegetarian food is cooked. For the wedding banquet, they wanted vegetarian and non-vegetarian fares to be cooked by two different cooks in separate kitchens.”

3. Higher Education Is Subject To Husband's Highest Qualification
“My marriage was fixed just after I completed my post-graduation. My would-be-husband also had a master’s degree in Economics and was working as a faculty member in a private university. When his family got to know that I was planning to do a Ph.D., they did not seem very pleased. His mother very politely said that they would love me to pursue higher education provided her son did the same.”

4. Your Salary Shouldn't Be Higher Than Husband's Salary
“When my marriage was fixed, my mother-in-law was worried about only one thing—I earned more than her son at that time. So, she made it clear that I should find a job that would pay me less than my husband. She feared that if the wife earned more than the husband, there might be ego tussles between the couple in the future.”

5. We Want To See Our GrandChild
“My father-in-law was suffering from a terminal illness and wanted to see his son married as soon as possible. So, when our marriage was finalized, they had made only one request--they wanted us to have a child at the earliest. I could fully understand the reason behind their request but it did put me under a lot of stress at that time.”

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