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Women’s menstrual cycle isn’t a taboo, it is natural ‘a God’s gift to women’. So to break this taboo and to remove the hesitation from people’s mind India’s first festival- Maasika Mahotsav is celebrated. ‘A Period of Sharing’, besides its partners, is ready to host the second edition of its indigenous festival on periods in five Indian states.

As it is India’s first menstruation festival, Maasika Mahotsav many girls and ladies even men are so excited to attend the event to erase the myths and hesitation on the topic. The festival will be kick-started on May 21 and will finish on World Menstrual Hygiene Day – May 28.

In the event, you will encounter numerous cultural and sporting activities to the mark awareness on the topic and the campaign will go around different parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh.

Muheem (Uttar Pradesh), DLRP Chai Project, Wash and (West Bengal); OoWomaniya (Gujarat) and Sustainable Menstruation Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu) are partnering with ‘A Period of Sharing’ to crash the menstrual prohibitions and create mindfulness on sustainable menstruation using either sports/art/culture. Maasika Mahotsav is the brainchild of A Period of Sharing – an initiative by Muse.

The event is meant to aim to invert the negative attitude towards the menstruation. In India, mostly in some places, it seems like a shameful period and a woman/girl untouchable during her periods. But if you think mindfully you will get on the conclusion that it is a God’s gift to girls and only because of this they step into womanhood from a girlhood. If a girl is unable to have her periods it means she is unhealthy, and this can give rise to the problems to her body and even when she thinks of getting pregnant.

In this event women also get to learn about maintaining the hygiene during these days, what they should eat and drink to fulfill the deficiency that attacks during the 5-days every month.

It is the *MUST-GO* event to learn, to share and to explore more.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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