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It happens most of the time when you’re badly sleepy and exhausted at work, it can really be torture to keep your eyes open in front of a screen. This is definitely a fact that sleep is extremely crucial to lead a healthy and happy life. This feeling of exhaustion, dullness and being done with the day mainly hits in the second half, when you are already fighting hard to get rid of the day and just go home.
Here are the few ways by which you can feel refreshed and work with all your mind again:
1. Keep your head down
Trust me, this is one of the best ways to fight an untimely headache during afternoons. Just put your head down and take a power nap. Waking up you feel completely refreshed and you can start your work again.

2. Have a cup of coffee
You know that coffee is a wonder drug, and caffeine helps you stay awake. Therefore, whenever you feel dizzy at work just grab a cup of coffee(black coffee would work the best) and you are back to work again.

3. Take a walk
Often times, sitting at the same place for long hours can cause serious backache and many other body aches. This is the reason why in the second half you feel like you need a message. Therefore, just go out and take a quick walk, this revitalizes you and you can feel free of lethargy.

4. Keep yourself hydrated
Don’t forget to drink water as much as possible. You need to keep yourself hydrated to feel all awake as water fights drowsiness.

5. Divide your work
It’s true that our energy levels go down as the day goes by. This is why you should have this target of finishing your most difficult tasks during the first half of the day. When you do so, at the end of the day you’re left with the tasks which are comparatively less time killing and wearing.

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