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If you are a diabetic patient that sweets are strictly prohibited. But if for a long period of time there is no sweet intake then also it creates body imbalance. Here are some sweet items that you can make at home and is also very healthy.
Fruit ice cream
You can mix milk and fruit at home and make fruit ice cream and eat it. When you mix fruits in milk, sugar is not needed. To make fruit ice cream, mixing sweet mango or banana in the milk can eliminate calories. In addition, when the seasonal fruit is mixed in milk, then vitamins C and vitamins A are available in sufficient quantity. It also benefits bones, skin, and hair. In addition, the immunity system is good.
Moong dal pudding
Pulses are a superfood in diabetes because it contains sufficient amount of carbohydrate, which gives us energy for a long time. Magnesium found in pulses is effective for our metabolism. Besides, lentils are beneficial for insulin. Moong dal pudding keeps our digestive system correct. It can also stop your craving for sweets.
Fig barfi
Fig is beneficial for our health as well as enhancing our taste. Fig is effective for insulin and has the properties of correcting diabetes. Fibers and calcium found in Fig prove beneficial for bone. For sweeteners, you can mix almonds and pistachios mixed with soaked figs. Apart from doing this, you get vitamins A and vitamin E body.
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