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Recently we have seen many celebrities and their out-of-the-box outfits at Met Gala 2019. Many of them shocked us, and many just disappointed. People who only know the concept of Met Gala, only they can understand why celebrities experiment with their styles.

But if you look back in ‘80s Bollywood movies you will see at that time Bollywood stars too had this ‘Met Gala’ styling and you can’t stop laughing while seeing it. Maybe their outfits were based on some concept of their script and rest God knows! So if you are thinking that only it is only Hollywood celebrities who like to experiment with their outfits to such a great extend (that we have seen this year) then you are wrong, I think this Met Gala concept might be taken from ‘8os bollywood styling (hahaha, just kidding).

So without waiting much let us see the pictures of Met Gala inspired ‘80s Bollywood celebrities’ outfit.

Most the looks that we have encountered at 2019 Met Gala, I am sure most of them Rekha had already done in ‘80s. She is the one actress to whom no one can beat.

She most often dress like- ‘None of your Business, man’.

From mono-chrome to highly embellished from hair-tip to foot toe, purple hair, metallic jacket, turban, and unique gold jewelries to what not.

I guess even for the ‘kabila-wala’! No one had ever done a ‘period look’ better that him.

Mithun Da (Mithun Chakraborty) has always been the trend-setter…

Is there anything eye-opening dress than Givinda and Juhi’s metallic styling, I think they have already beat Lady Gaga’s look from 2019 Met Gala in ’80s.

Pretty mono-chrome must have started in ‘80s.

Outrageous hairstyles came from that time as well.

Sorry Kim, before your Met Gala 2019 look, Bollywood already had the actress who wore a perfect bodysuit better than your water drop illusion creating too much body hugging dress.

Whatever the theme is, you can get an outfit ide from ’80s photo-shoot.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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