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Jams are love, and also very to make a quick delicious breakfast with it. Grab some pieces of bread and spread delicious jam, even you can spread some jam on your pancakes and waffles. But what if your favorite fruit’s jam is out of stock or isn’t available in the market? Don’t worry we have the solution for you.

We have come up with an easy recipe of strawberry jam that you can cook at home in just 15-30 minutes. Making delicious jam isn’t that hard as it sounds. Super quick and super easy! Got excited?? Let’s go and see the recipe of strawberry jam.

If you like mango, pineapple, gooseberry or any other fruit by repeating the same steps you can cook their jam, as well.

You can make your jam with any seasonal fruit, just like here we are making a jar full of strawberry jam.

Ingredients You Need:

• 4-5 Packets of Strawberries
• Sugar
• Vinegar
• Salt
• Water
• Pectin
• Butter

It’s cooking time:

Take all the ingredients including strawberry in a pan, except butter and bring the mixture to its boiling point.

Cook the mixture until the fruit breaks down, it nearly takes 15 minutes.

Once you notice that the mixture start looking like jam, add butter to prevent it from getting the cloud. Adding butter will add more taste to your strawberry or any other fruit jam.

Once you mastered in making the jam, you can experiment by mixing different types of fruits and herbs as well. When your jam cools down to room temperature, store it in a fancy glass jar in the refrigerator. You can eat your home-made jam for around one month.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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