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Sex can never be the solution to everything when it comes to building a really strong connection with your partner. If you’re thinking that the essential intimacy is somewhere flying away from your relationship with your partner, there are few little stuff which you can do anytime, anywhere to make your significant other feel special all over again, just like the first time. Here are the few steps you can follow to get back the lost love and intimacy:

1. A romantic dinner
No, we’re not asking you to take your partner to some high-fi restaurant, it goes like-cook your lover’s favourite meal at home. Dress up, decorate the room with some fairy lights, play his/her favourite music and put on some aromatic candles. After having some sweet nothings over a hearty meal, go for a little walk or have a slow dance with your partner. Be rest assured that this is going to be a night never to go out of your partner’s mind.

2. Handwritten letter
You have no idea about the magic that a handwritten letter can do! It might sound old school, but love is associated with every kind of old stuff right? In the world of text messages and whatsapp, no body really wants to pay heed to this jewel way of showing love to your partner. Even today if you guys had a fight and you apologize by writing a sorry note to your partner and writing what she or he means to you, trust me it can do wonders.

3. Sudden queue of mushy texts
If you don’t get that time to write a letter, you can of course switch to this. Send your partner about what makes him/her the most beautiful person in the world, how she makes you feel happy and what her presence in your life means to you.

4. Express Gratitute
This is one of the best thing that you can do to make your partner feel really special. This is something that would also strengthen the foundation of your relationship and leave a deep impression. Look for reasons to express gratitude to your partner every night before sleeping. No partner dislikes getting appreciated.

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