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Can you imagine a people giving divorce to their partner just because they fell in love with their PUBG partner or only want to play PUBG? The increasing craze of this Tencent game, I think making people so obsessed that they have now forgotten about real life. In the coming days, I think we got to hear that ‘two people fell in love in Pochinki, married in Farm, then went in Ruins (water city) for honeymoon and now living in Shelter.’

Recently, we heard the news from Gujarat that a 19-year old girl called the helpline seeking for divorce from her husband because she fell in love with her PUBG partner and want to live with her gaming partner.

Yes, you read it right, two fellow players from the same city fell in love and get so close while playing the game that the girl now wants to get over from her current marriage and live with him. The helpline mentioned that the woman is an avid PUBG player and doesn't want to seek rehabilitation for the same because 'she won't get to use her phone there.'

Games are always made by the makers for the entertainment but some people mostly kids and immature ones got so obsessed that they forget the main reason behind it. The reason behind the game PUBG or any other is that people can relax after coming from their work, or can play in their free time. But it doesn’t mean that people get so obsessed and forget about their real life.

This is not the first case that we are seeing, there were many cases reported before.

According to reports, the head of the helpline stated, This was the first call of its kind. Usually, mothers would call complaining about children addicted to PUBGThe woman is seeking help from the helpline's counseling taking time to think about the consequences.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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