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We all have a certain choice of career in our minds, some have it because of passion while for the others it is just away to earn a living. Luck plays one heck of a role in this, if your choice of career shoots high then you are one fortunate person. But there are few instances where people started their career in the humblest way possible and now they’ve taken some leading positions in the world, made a mark in the book of famous personalities, and here are the few of the renowned who started their career as ‘chaiwalas’ and now are something else:

1. The Pakistani chaiwala turned model: Arshad Khan
The blue-eyed Pakistani 'chaiwala' who took the internet(and women) by storm in just one day for his killer looks, after grabbing eyeballs on Instagram not only got the attention of Shah Rukh Khan, but also big endorsements.

2. Chaiwali turned businesswoman: Uppma Vardi
She's basically a lawyer by training, and worked in Australia until her crave for a good cup of tea led her to start a chai business called 'Chai Walli''.She’s also honoured as Australia's 'Businesswoman of the Year.'

3. Chaiwala-turned financier: Kishore Bhaijyawala
Now this turns out to be a bit infamous, Income Tax Department raided the premises of city-based tea seller who turned financier Kishore Bhaijyawala, they found hundreds of crores in cash, bullion, jewellery and property papers from his possession.

4. Chaiwala-turned-PM: Narendra Modi
The man of the nation, Prime minister of the nation since May 2014, (and the Man of the Year 2016: Time Reader's poll), Modi has been causing metaphorical earthquakes since then, with a Swachh Bharat program not only spanning across the whole nation , but also in our bank accounts and the Indo-Pak border (#surgicalstrike!)

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