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When it comes to shopping, we find two types of people around us - one who does not have to do bargaining and who likes to buy from the malls or fixed price shop, and the other category people who are so fond of bargaining that they do not even bother to go to the malls for shopping. If you are among the people of this second category who are very fond of Bargaining, then we are telling you about the best places in Delhi NCR where you will get the best chance of showing your bargaining skills.
Janpath Market
Located near Connaught Place of Delhi, Janpath Market is Famous for Paintings, Handicrafts, Shoes, Leather Items, Trendy Jewellery, and Stylish Clothing. Here is a market where people of all classes will definitely get something. But if you are not good at bargaining then you will end up buying items double the price.
Sarojini Nagar Market
When it comes to the street markets of Delhi, the name of the Sarojini Nagar market is taken first. This market is very famous among girls and women. In this market, you will find branded clothes, trending jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics and footwear at a very low price. And believe me, here you will also get a better chance of showing your bargaining skills. You will get an amazing variety of clothes and daily items at shocking prices.
Chandni Chowk
This market is crowded in the weddings season. Regardless of this, exploring this market is no less than an adventure. Chandni Chowk is mainly a clothing market where weddings, saris, and jewelry are available. You can also get a copy of your favorite designer lehenga. Here you can bargain to the fullest.
Kamla Nagar Market
It is one of the most famous markets in Delhi. Kamla Nagar Market is very festive among North Campus students. Here too, you get a chance to do great shopping through low prices and bargaining. You will get a great variety of clothes, footwear, and jewelry here.
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