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While taking any tour package, we should not only read the details of that tour package carefully but in spite of the details of the facilities being given inside the package, some questions should be asked. Every person should have complete knowledge of the travel plans and the idea of commutation and stay. These are some important questions that you should definitely ask your travel agent:
Is the tour's journey suited for people visiting the first time or is it just for experts?
If you are going to a Historical Venue Trip, in which you mention the historical sites, art, and craft, then you may find that there will not be much physical strength in it. In fact, the situation can be reversed. Sometimes you have to walk a lot and if you are not prepared then it can be a very tiring journey.
Are all fees included or will you have to pay extra entry fees?
When booking a tour package, we must pay attention to what is included in this. But one thing in this sequence is to ask whether the tickets in the place of the sight are included or not. Because in some packages it is included, and some are not included in the package. Also, ask for other payments that you have to make.
Which weather can you expect?
Take the latest weather information from the place you are visiting. So before packing on to the tour, you can pack for it according to the need. This is very important, otherwise, the whole fun of the tour can be spoiled.
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