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A walk on a beach is a walk to remember, it’s something each and everyone has desired in their life and why not? The different shades of blue water, wide blue sky, long stretch of sand and soothing calmness are possibly the best things to sooth a restless soul and a stressed mind.
There are some plenty of reasons why the beach is considered to be one of the best places for a getaway. Not only from the point of view of enjoyment, but it has got some real benefits when it comes to our mind and body, here’s why:

1. Reduces stress
Water is indefinitely needed on our lives and apart from health facts, water is also essential for our mood. Water is one of nature’s best stress-buster as it is full of positive icons that make a person forget all his tensions. For instance, whenever you swim or even dip your feet in the water, you feel relaxed. That’s exactly how water proves to be an instant mood booster.

2. Boosts creativity
If you feel like your creative mind has been jacked then beach can bring you out of the rut! Scientists say that being in blue space allows you to have a better and open picture of your problems and lets you get out of them in a creative way. It’s a kind of meditation as it clears your mind, erases everything else, gives calmness thereby allowing you to focus on fruitful aspects.

3. Helps reduce feelings of depression
Of course, if beach can erase you of your bad thoughts then for sure you’d be devoid of depression and a pleasing feel is all that a visit to beach promises. So you know the better way to get off depression and anxiety now! The sound of water, smell of sand, the calm wide sky and all of it together helps you relax like no other.

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