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Daily, yes almost daily I got the news that someone has hurt some other person because he has scratched his car. When you are taking your car or any vehicle on a ride it is common that someday it will get a scar, sometimes it happens by your own mistakes (that no one accepts) and sometimes it is because of some other person’s mistake. But it doesn’t mean that you got the right to hurt him, or kill him.

Yes, it is true, it is a shocking bloody truth. Many people including most of the youngster and men keep hockey stick, knife, car tools, scissors, even guns, just to hurt them whosoever scratch their vehicles even mistakenly.

It doesn’t mean that you should keep a finger on your lips while you drive, should not do anything against the person who has crashed your hard-earned car. The best possible way is to complain to the authorities or in the police station, instead of beating them, shooting them or killing them.

Here a question arises that why do people do this? From where this much anger and ego is coming? And the answer is- what we all know, that is our increasing frustrating lifestyle. Yes, it is our lifestyle that we are living in now. Frustrating jobs, daily chores, relationship problems, rents, increasing expenses and so on. These things make a person frustrated, but you can find a different way to burst out. Going out of the car with your hockey stick and damaging the people or his car is not the solution.

So what is the solution then?

• First of all not the authorities and traffic police are entirely responsible, being the country people it is also our responsibility to manage the things correctly and patiently.

• Don’t take law in your hand, and don’t consider yourself the Supreme Court judge.

• Complain about the person legally, you can file FIR or tell the nearest traffic police officer.

• Control your anger, and if can’t find some other way to release your anger.

• Leave the work that gives makes mentally sick and snatch your peace. Never keep the tools in your car that can provoke you and even stay attentive that if any of your family member like to keep and he or she is aggressive.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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