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We were fortunate enough to have been well bred and fed. We wasted food as we had so much to eat that we couldn’t do with so much and then there are few families in the country who could just feed one-time meal to their kids. Yes, there are thousands of children across the country who yearn for the same last bite and struggle for one square meal a day.
People like Pathikrit Saha is a savior to kids like this. Pathikrit is a Zomato delivery executive based out of Kolkata who has dedicated all his time and efforts for such kids.

A recent online publication shared Saha's story which stated that he's almost treated like an elder brother to street kids for whom he gets food every now and then. He does this by redirecting the canceled orders to these kids and fulfilling their hunger.

Speaking to a publication, Saha revealed that his journey started almost four years ago, "I was crossing the streets near Dumdum Cantonment in Kolkata when a disheveled teenager came running and fell at my feet. He started begging desperately for money. I understood he was heavily drug addicted and wanted money to waste on cheap, harmful drugs."

"I tried to dissuade him, but his desperation was so wild and pathetic that I slapped him and he broke down. That’s where my story begins", he said.Saha initially used to work with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and then after a realization quit his job to put as much effort as is possible by him to the benefit of the underprivileged kids.
Saha searched for another job to sustain his family and he applied to be a delivery executive with Zomato. He didn’t know then, that this job would help him more with his noble stand of supporting street kids.

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