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If you are bullied at the workplace, for this while nothing can be worse than that. It may result in behavior that you’ve never imagined from your part, besides harming your health, warn researchers.The study showed that in a few cases this is characterized by an absence problem-solving and high avoidance coping strategies like switching to alcohol when mentally suffering and experiencing very frequent negative emotions.

"Overall, our results show the need to consider not only exposure to and types of bullying but also their associated consequences," said Roberta Fida, Professor at the University of East Anglia in England."In particular, the findings highlight that victimization is associated not only with health problems but also with a greater likelihood of not behaving in line with the expected social and organizational norms," Fida added.

Bullying is actually one of the worst occupational stresses for employees and the effects can curb their growth and health, as well as stand like a block in the achievement of both personal and professional targets.In the study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, the researchers identified different segments of victims by considering not only exposure to and the different kinds of bullying but also health problems and bad behavior.

The researchers enquired about more than 1000 Italian employees about their experiences of workplace bullying, counterproductive behavior and health symptoms.Also, they were questioned about their way of overcoming the problem, and all the negative emotions they encounter at work and moral disengagement.
"The greater the intensity of bullying and the more the exposure to different types of bullying, the higher the likelihood of engaging in counterproductive workplace behavior," said study lead author Fida."In addition, it is essential to also promote behavioral regulation strategies to reduce moral disengagement, as well as negative compensating behavior, such as drinking more alcohol and taking more risks," Fida added.

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