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The time is politically heated up, everywhere you go, you find people talking about politics and this situation might also affect the relationship between partners quite unknowingly. While a new chapter began in India, people are divided by political ideologies. Therefore, in this scenario can partners, be it a spouse or a fiancé, be at peace when they have opposite political views? While it’s not easy to come down to a conclusion but we can at least try a few things to make a relationship work when a couple with different political ideologies live together. Here’s what they need to do

1. No Politics On Bed
Yes, every couple should embed this in their minds—avoid talking about politics with your partner on bed. And the best way to do that is to avoid social media (if possible, switching off the phone is a better option) after you sign off for the night and any further stuff related to politics should be done during waking hours.

2. Your Partner Isn’t An advocate of his political leader
Political belief is just a minor part of a person’s life. While he or she might support a particular political view, it does not mean the person abides by those rules in his personal life as well. Do not judge your partner just based on which leader he or she supports.

3. Respect Each Other’s View
There is something to learn from every situation and politics is no different. You don’t have to agree to everything your partner says, but that does not mean both have to be at loggerheads over their political disagreement. Instead, try listening to what your partner has to say and you can just acknowledge only those views you think are admirable while ignoring those that you don’t agree to.

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