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Getting scolded for having a messy room, a nasty mouth, and can never go to bed in the desired time despite trying real hard, you’ve probably been thrashed by your parents or spouse for years to change these peculiar nature of yours. Let us tell you the truth now, however, because those three apparently undesirable qualities might actually be signs of superior intelligence.

Profanity Is Related To Higher IQ Scores
“People who swear all the time are just too dumb to think of a better word to use!”Totally not true!Turns out that fluency of curse or swear words are correlated to general word fluency, and those who can come out with a greater number of profanities in one minute tend to have higher IQ scores. A similar correlation is found with those who enjoy some good old-fashioned vulgar humor along with their curse words, of course with the exception of ladies-sex-related curses.

Staying Up Late is an Evolutionary Sign of Intelligence
The discovery of fire and gradually light sources was a total game changer for the human race, making nocturnal tendencies expand and get better. Scientists hypothesized that more intelligent people were highly likely to stay up long after dark than their less smart counterparts. Furthermore, smart people also sleep less.

Geniuses Have Messier Desks
It seems like intelligent peeps put too less time cleaning and organizing their space of living because their minds are preoccupied with innumerable thoughts and ideas. Messy environments are a quintessential sign of a more creative (and somewhat chaotic) work environment. They only project the breaking away from tradition and get into the new norms, innovative solutions, as opposed to a more organized workspace or room which seems to encourage convention and play it safe.

Therefore, to conclude, if you can literally relate to all of those point written above then you should know what a person you are, an intelligent one!
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