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Right from the day, we took birth, we’ve been said just one thing, that we have to achieve success, no matter what. Hence we try to make the best out of our careers. Sometimes, however, the process of achieving success takes a toll on us and we’re already spending a helluva of hours working too hard.
Rich East stands outside the box. He decided to quit his job and sell everything he had just to travel. Wondering what’s the best part? He’s accompanied by no girlfriend or family member but the cutest of creatures: a cat named Willow. Now that’s something you don’t usually see on an everyday basis, right?
Rich and Willow have been traveling around Australia for two and a half years now.

One day, Rich decided to quit his job, sell whatever he possesses, and travel the world with his buddy.

Willow, a rescue cat, has already traveled more than 50,000 kilometers across Australia. She travels with Rich, his human owner in a campervan, and they’ve been traveling since they left their hometown in Hobart, Tasmania. And believe it or not, that was 2.5 years ago.
Rich reportedly sold all of his possessions, including his house and quit his job just so he and his cat could take the trip of their lives. He said this fact, however, that the decision wasn’t easy – let alone bringing Willow.
Yes, This is Willow, Rich’s only friend.

And she’s definitely having the best time of her “cat life.”
The two just reached South Australia, making the cat’s official completion of visiting all 6 states and 2 territories of Australia. They’ve also managed to sail the Great Barrier Reef and camped on mountains from Bourketown, Queensland all the way up to the Northern Territory.Rich said that many of them thought of his adventure as something really weird, considering the inclusion of just a cat. He, however, explained that despite the challenges of trekking and moving, Willow doesn’t complain at all. She even has a special tracker, so Rich can easily keep an eye ob her.

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