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Lately, India has quite often been covered under dark clouds of 'intolerance' on multiple occasions. However, almost every single time, Indians have portrayed their solidarity to curb these allegations and have stood up for communal harmony and brotherhood.
Respecting each other's religious beliefs and way of life, people have always come forward to help each other by going out of their way, saving each other's grace by putting oneself in danger and have been one another's strength.

After Ayodhya's Sita Ram temple recently hosted an Iftar party for their Muslim brothers and sisters, now a mosque in UP's Meerut district has opened its gates for the preparation of a Shiv Bhandara in its own premises on behalf of a local temple.It was on the occasion of the foundation day of Somnath Shiv Mandir, the Jama Masjid in the Kotwali area took this amazing step portraying something beautiful. Even the Muslim residents of the area assisted in the preparation and distribution of the Bhandara among people.

As per an HT report, the Jama Masjid opened its gate early and all the essential stuff like stoves, vegetables, and everything was brought into the premises. Not just that, the water used for Muslim devotees was also available for use for the Bhandara and was also served to people for drinking.

It is often seen that the entire world tries to come out with a different picture about the nation, on the other hand, people like these restore our faith in humanity and our own citizens who belong to this country of vast creed and cultures. This will be one great message to everyone and especially for those who try to cut our society in halves.

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