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“Dil Ne Dastarkhaan Bichhaaya, Haan Dil Ne Dastarkhaan Bichhaaya, Daawat-E-Ishq Hai….” remember the song from the movie Daawat-e-Ishq. But why I am writing the song’s lyrics here???

Actually, the movie was shot in the streets of Hyderabad and when it is about Hyderabad then it is obvious that the audience will definitely get to see the famous foods of the place. Apart from all the other reasons, this Indian city- Hyderabad, is also very famous for its food and flavor in it. You will get to see the shops and restaurants that are running continuously from generation to generations.

Whether you like veg or non-veg, biryani or kebab or both, or if you are the big fan of tasting delicious deserts- Hyderabadi cuisine will never fail to treat you with it all. Let me tell you where the best things you can find:

1. Bade Miyan Kababs

When you are in Hyderabad and has no relative to guide where to go, simply get on the streets and reach Bade Miyan Kababs, here you will find the best, mouth-watering seekh kebabs. They make their dishes from the daily source of fresh meat and marinate it with the traditional spices that they are following from ages. Their most sought-after dishes are Chicken Shami Kebab, Mutton Boti Kebab and the Kebab Platter which includes a variety of delicious, char-grilled, lamb and chicken tikkas and kebabs.

2. Zaiqa - E - Hyderabad

If searching for a dessert to fill your soul with, then desserts of Zaiqa - E – Hyderabad will definitely give you a foodgasm. Their most popular dessert is- Qubani Ka Meetha.

3. Siddique Kabab Centre

One of the most popular street food that you will find almost everywhere is kabab in the city, but to taste the best one, get on to the Siddique Kabab Centre. Their Grilled Chicken Kebabs or Tangdi Kebabs, being the favorites among the lot, are not just flavourful but super fresh as well.

4. Hotel Paradise

If you have got a sweet tooth, you NEED to try the Hyderabadi cuisine signature dessert, Double Ka Meetha at Hotel Paradise. After enjoying the delicious meal of Kabab and Biryani, the dessert will make you feel like you have landed in the haven along with your tongue.

5. Shahi Dastarkhwan

Be prepared for the traditional cuisine when you are going to Hyderabad, and Shahi Dastarkhwan is the place where you will get the best Mutton Biryani and Chicken Kebabs, but when you reach there don’t even dare to miss their famous Patthar ka Gosht (the dish have a history behind, though).

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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