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Complimenting is a tough task because you have to be careful when passing comment on someone, even if you are complementing them but still it should not sound like offended. Use your soft skills to impress someone at the one go.

First notice their appearance, small detailing about their hair, eyes, clothes, accessories and how they speak…while complementing you can let the people know that you are noticing her or him. And if you target at right, they can get impressed by you. So, complimenting is an art, learn by the below tips if you want to impress your crush.

Friends Smiling

The easiest way to pass a compliment on someone is about their appearance. Notice them and make your sentence, "Oh wow, I love your hair!" "You have such beautiful eyes!" "Your body is insane!"

On Reading Book

If you see a girl reading the book, you can easily compliment by saying, “I’m blown away by your intelligence.” It might look cheesy but try it with a genuine, gentleman’s look.


Saw a thoughtful woman, try: “You’re so thoughtful. I never would’ve thought about doing something like that, but you always do!”

Caring People

When she cares so much about the people even the random one, compliment her to make her feel good, “It’s amazing how you have a natural ability to care for others.”


When the person has a great sense of humor, she or he can impress anyone with no time, but when it comes to you, compliment them by saying, “You crack me up! I love your sense of humor!”

Author- Simran Bhatnagar

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