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We all that have little joys in our daily life that make life worth living. But what we do, we ignore and find happiness in someone else or in other situations that even don’t guarantee to give happiness. Right from waking up to sleeping and dreaming afterward, we all have those little moments of joy, if you don’t believe me, scroll down to see. Let me remind you of some moments again;

When you wake up in the morning thinking that you missed your alarm- absolutely, completely and totally you are going to late today. Then after a moment you pick up your phone and realize that you have another of sleep. It is undoubtedly the best feeling and absolutely the best hour of sleep you have ever had.

Remember in childhood whenever it starts raining who you used to run straight from your room to the terrace that was fun. But now you don’t do that, but if somehow if rain sprays a few drops of it on your face, you actually feel fresh and soothing from inside.

When it is so cold outside and you are at your home, so you put on your softest and warmest long sleeve pullover on your bare skin that is the moment when you feel like that your skin is thanking you.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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