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School days are the most memorable days in one’s entire life. All those mischiefs we have done become famous and because of that, we have also become well-known. Remember the reaction that teachers used to give when we pass beside them. Eating lunch before the actual lunch break bell rings, ran off to the playground in ‘zero’ (free) period.

I have done so many craziest things in my high school, and I am pretty sure that you must have done as well. So for today, we have collected some people’s reaction to this question and presented their answers on this below. Scroll down to see:

• I and my friends..we all sneaked into boys washroom!! (oh yeah..and that too on purpose..we just wanted to see how it looks like from inside, but I swear..I was the first one who came out, couldn’t bear that smell!) :P

• My classmates and me..we all changed our classroom’s clock time so that we could go early for our games period as it was English period before games and that mam was as slow as a sloth when it comes to teaching part..but when she came to know about the change in the clock..we all rounded up the situation with “Mam..ILLUSION!!”,”DO check your specs number!” :P

• I and my friend we both broke our school washroom’s door and a huge hole could be seen on the door as we both kicked the football after our practice session got over but if we kicked the ball accidentally and till this date, the school authorities don’t know who the real culprit was…

• We planted these beans everywhere..random patches of grass, the principal’s parking spot and the best of all, the school field. Keep in mind, these plants can grow pretty tall, so when you are playing a game of rugby on the school field people notice! We used the plants to express our political/religious beliefs and spelled out certain phrases that high schoolers might commonly use.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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