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Rhea Kapoor is still immersed in the success of Veere Di Wedding (2018) and looks beautiful! It’s not just happiness that makes her face glow. In the past eight months, she has lost 14 kilograms. “I like my job. When you love your job, you don’t realize how much pressure you have absorbed. But this translates into irregular eating habits. I have the most successful movies of my career, I feel very Low. My weight made me very disappointed. So I finally decided to take action," she said.

“Also, according to Bollywood, pretty women can’t be taken seriously!” she exclaims. “If a girl is pretty, it is always assumed that she must be dumb. In many cases, when men create a strong female character, they prefer her deglam so the men around her are not intimidated. Also, since I also run a fashion label, men have come up to me and told me what they think looks best on women. Arre, who asked you? A girl who is sexy and intelligent is just too much for a guy to handle, ya.”

She stayed away from limelight:

“Being Anil Kapoor’s daughter and then Sonam Kapoor’s sister, I have always had cameras focused on me, but among all of my family members, I live the most normal life. I cancel my plans if I learn there is even a slim chance of getting papped. For me, the allure of fame is zero. The more I see my dad and my sister, the surer I become that that life is not my scene at all. Mereko nahi chahiye, baba… aap rakh lo (I don’t want it, you can keep it)! ”

Become the third generation producer despite choosing acting career:

“I have seen the best of this world and I have seen the worst of this world. I was born in 1987, the year Mr. India released. I have been around the movie business since the day I was born!” quips Rhea. “Being a producer is stressful and risky, but there is something very rewarding about knowing that you were part of creating a film from start to finish. Also, I am a control freak. I need my voice to be heard. And I have learnt that the most effective way to get your voice heard is by taking responsibility.”

One being superstar’s daughter:

“I am getting opportunities because I am Anil Kapoor’s daughter!” she says honestly. “I was 21 when I made my first movie. I didn’t have experience at all! I know for a fact that I got that opportunity because I am Anil Kapoor’s daughter.” Rhead said. “I didn’t know how competitive things can be and how ugly things can get. But I must say, I am blessed to have such liberal parents. Many dads wouldn’t be okay with their daughter making a film like Veere, but AK was always like ‘Go for it! Kill it!’ I know if anything ever goes wrong, I will always have him to fall back on.”

On Sexism Films:

“I don’t understand why for a woman to have her story told, she needs to go through some hardship or violence and appear victorious every time,” she says emphatically. “Why, unlike men, can’t I just exist and be valued? I want women in my films to fall in and out of love, make mistakes, and just simply exist, without having to go through any such cathartic experience!”

“And what is this thing with men always being broken and in need of a woman to mend them? Do I look like a rehabilitation centre to you? Do I look like Hinduja Hospital? I have no time for all this shit, ya! It is 2019,” she adds.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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