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When temperature reaches 40 degrees in the summer heat it seems quite impossible to survive. In this case, the air conditioner looks like a boon. We live in the air-conditioned office throughout the day and sleep in the AC at night also. You may get relief in the humid summer, but AC can cause great harm to your health. Know what harm your AC can do to your health.
Does not get fresh air
In the AC room, we have to keep all the doors closed so that the room can be cold. In such a situation, we do not get fresh air from anywhere, which is quite harmful to health. The lack of fresh air keeps us tired all the time. If the duct of AC is not clean, then you may have respiratory problems and lung infection.
Very cold atmosphere
If we are sleeping in AC many times it happens that the temperature gets very cold. At the time of sleeping, it sometimes becomes less than our body's ability to endure. Problems like headache and back pain may be due to coolness. Cold is the problem of joint pain in the joints and gradually it can turn into arthritis.
Skin problems
Air conditioners absorb moisture from the air, and they also absorb the moisture of our skin and hair so that skin and hair become dry. There may be wrinkles in your skin as well as there may be other skin related problems.
What you can do is switch off the AC when the temperature is not so hot and try getting fresh air whenever it is possible.
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