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Dry fruits are beneficial for your health, but only when they are taken in limited quantities. Excessive intake of these may also damage the health. No need to get surprised as anything if taken in excess amount is harmful to your health. You must also know, the adverse effect it cases on your health if not taken in the right quantity.
-If you consume more than two dry fruits in a row in heavy quantity then it can cause severe headache. Shortly after eating them your head gets heavier and this condition persists for hours.
- There is a lot of sugar level in dry fruits naturally, so if the body has high levels of sugar or diabetes, then its consumption can be harmful. So, eat them in very limited quantities.
- Some dry fruits are also responsible for constipation and gas problems, and sometimes they also cause stomach pain. So, if this is happening with you, then definitely think once before consuming them. You surely don’t want to be in trouble.
-If you are advancing in weight loss, excessive consumption of dry fruits can affect your mission because it can increase your weight. So, you have to keep it in your mind.
- Some dry fruits increase cholesterol levels, which can be harmful to your heart and body. Therefore, before taking these, know about cholesterol level. It is highly recommended as cholesterol can be a big problem for your health and body.
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