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Bachelor life is what we call ‘our independent zone’. But after marriage, there are many changes that a girl can witness in normal terms. It is not necessary that it has to be negative but sometimes we are not ready for the changes. The family, friends, city everything is left behind. Here are some drastic changes that you will face once you get married.
1- After the marriage, additional responsibilities come on the girl. She becomes more responsible than before. Along with her, she has to take care of the needs of the family, health, and food. After marriage, the girl's priorities change.
2- Girls in their own home can live feely but they have to be very patient in the in-law’s house. She can not even express her anger at any moment. You have to think twice before speaking so that nobody is offended.
3- The girl has to leave the house after marriage and come to her husband's house. It is very difficult to leave your home, leaving your people and adjusting in the new environment and new family.
4- Now these are the ideological changes that come into the life of a girl after marriage. But after marriage, there is a lot of change in the body of the girls. Many girls become fat after marriage. Their weight suddenly increases. Even before marriage, girls work hard to master themselves, but after marriage, they cannot pay much attention to themselves. Apart from being active in sexual life, consumption of contraceptive pills also increases the weight of women after marriage.
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