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Not only Bollywood’s most favorite but I guess every girl’s favorite designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and gorgeous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone sat together for an interview with a fashion website and there both revealed so many things about each other. As our Bollywood queen is the favorite muse for the designer and for Deepika the designer is the first choice spoke about everything including their habits, how they became friends, their career, trust over each other, their love for fashion and so on.

While talking about her career and her wedding with actress long-time boyfriend Ranveer Singh, Deepika said, "I am a perfectionist, I like to do things a certain way." She oblique that the 6-8 months that Deepika had off during her wedding gave her plenty amount of time to personalize all the details even small detailing for her marriage, including dresses, venue, guest list and so on.

The interviewer responded on her comment, "I am glad you said that, because at one point, Sabya, you said, she scares me. Deepika scares me, because of the fact that she is so organized and meticulous. I think I am organized, but she makes me look like a rookie."

And Sabyasachi commented in the response, "You know it was wonderful working with Deepika. You know sometimes, the most painful thing that can happen to a designer is that the bride does not know what they want. Sometimes they don't even know why are they are getting married or who they are getting married to."

The well-known designer added, "And Deepika knew everything, she knew who she was getting married to and why she was getting married. She knew the color of her outfit, she knew the jewelry that she wanted to wear, her flowers. She even knew the idly and the South Indian coffee that was going to be served to the guests when they woke up every morning. They flew down all the caterers from South India."

For the interview, Deepika wore a lime yellow Sabyasachi saree while the designer kept it simple with his crisp shirt and pants.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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