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Pimples are a major problem that not only makes your skin bad but also your looks get affected by it badly. Especially if you have to go to any function or an important meeting then you do not have to set up a lot of foundation to hide it, but if you adopt some of these methods, then the pimple may disappear overnight.
Take a little white toothpaste on a cotton swab and apply it on the pimple. Do not put too much pressure while applying. Leave it on the pimple all night, its effect will be clearly visible in the morning.
T-tree oil
Mix a T-spoon olive oil and Jojoba oil with some drops of t tree oil. Apply it after washing the face thoroughly. This reduces the size of the pimple as well as reduces its redness. It will gradually make it disappear.
Apple cider vinegar
Mix in the ratio of water with apple cider vinegar. The ratio should be 2:4. Apply it with cotton to the pimple affected area. Wash the face with cold water after about ten minutes. You will see the difference.
Baking soda
Mix a tsp baking soda with water. Apply it on a pimple and wash the face with light warm water after about five minutes. After this, apply the toner on the face. Keep in mind that if you feel troubled after applying a baking soda, then wash your face immediately.
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