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After waiting for the decade for the finale of GOT, the fans were unsurprisingly left disappointed by the last season as everything was a mess, especially how things were ended. While it was just not the fans who were hit hard by it, the final instalment of Game of Thrones hit hard the GOT actor as well.

It has been reported that Kit Harington AKA Jon Snow had to spend the last month in rehab. He was admitted in a luxury facility weeks before the final episode of the show was released, however all together due to other reasons.

After working for so many years, he had a moment of what next? The stress and exhaustion and alcohol because of the same reason forced him to get admitted there where he is undergoing 'psychological coaching' and practising meditation to deal with stress and negative emotions. It is said that the cost of rehab is costing him around $ 1, 20, 000 for a month.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Kit and Emilia reacting to Jon killing Dany<a href="">#TheLastWatch</a> <a href=""></a></p>— Jillian Sederholm (@JillianSed) <a href="">May 27, 2019</a></blockquote><script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

“My darkest period was when the show seemed to become so much about Jon when he died and came back. I really didn’t like the focus of the whole show coming onto Jon," he said.

Certainly, it is just not the fans who feel attached to the story and show; the actors who have spent so much time for a show tend to feel an emotional attachment for the same. That is the reason why he broke down when he heard the script in the first place.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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