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Sometimes you really need to push yourself away from the habit that is making your toxic. If you know what is good for you, you automatically attract towards it, but still, you need a lot of support and courage to leave the habit. And similarly in a bad relationship you know that is making you toxic, you have to push yourself out of it.

Stuck yourself in it for a longer period can make your whole life suffer because somewhere psychologically it is poisoning your mind. Not only from the bad relationship between a couple, but this toxicity can come from any relation.

You constantly talking about them even they are not around:

You feel that constantly you are talking about them (not because you are missing them, instead you pouring out shit about them from your mind in front of your friend with whom you feel good). And this becomes a habit and you turned to a jolly person to an ‘always-complaining’ person.

You lose control of your emotions whenever together

The worst thing about a bad relationship is that you got frustrated and your mind filled with so many emotions and you feel tired all the time, they making your mentally ill because you are not happy with either. And this makes you lose control of your emotions.

You start to diminish your self-worth

A toxic mindset person always makes you feel that you are nothing, you have no worth, even if they are loving you it is kind of a favor, and moreover this they even don’t leave you. And after sometimes this will make you lose your own value from your eyes.

You build a bad behavior and blame them for it

When you live with a bad relationship, with the person you are not happy, makes you so frustrated. All the fights and blaming game make your mind so negative and then they have led you to believe that you are no longer responsible for your own actions. And that’s not a good thing.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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