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Maybe it is Instagram era, full of glamour and clicking beautiful pictures, but sometimes in the past three or four years it seems that all the ladies dying over thong bikinis. Some still like them, but we want to make our way out of it.

So we have found some good pieces with covered bottoms and they still wildly cute, and stunning. They won’t trouble your beach moment or pool party by any means, instead you will look updated with the changing fashion.

So let me take to the tour of these cute swimwear:

1. One Piece

If you say that it is more similar to any common bodysuit, we believe you. But you won’t know that after wearing this single piece during your beach vacation will give you a classy look. This is the ideal beach-to-boardwalk outfit.

2. Belted Textured Swimsuit

Now this pretty tangerine beauty won’t disappoint you, as the belted swimsuit is the fashion of the year. And this textured one is included in our favorites. This give you a vintage look, so get your hair-bun on, sunscreen on hands and you are ready to rock while covering your bum.

3. High-waist Bikini

This cute one shoulder bralette with high-waist bottom is a godsend for the post-beach tacos. Try this super comfortable and affordable piece and feel free to load your day with so much fun and jumping all around.

4. Crop Top Bikini

As crop tops are so much in fashion, and this piece make your friends surprise to see you that you have appointed a crop top bikini, but do you know what the secret is- everyone’s eyes will pop out seeing you in such a trendy and cool piece.

5. Meillot

Such a grace full piece! An adorable peplum swimsuit so Instagramable, and don’t miss to upload more than two pictures in your feed.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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