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During the period of pregnancy, the woman faces lots of changes in her body, mood swings, less energy, heavy tummy, increasing weight, dull skin, and so on. Moreover, if you get pregnant in summers it means you have to pass the starting months (that probably the toughest months) in summer. And what I say about summers, you know it- lots of sweat, irritation, low water level and etc.

In this case, you can’t really wear your pants that stop fitting after one month and a top that you probably will spill out of. So, as a solution, we have bought summer cool maternity dresses. Maternity summer dresses are also the perfect way to stay cool when you get hot flashes on an extra warm day, and it also looks stylish when it shows off your growing bump.

So let us see a different type of dresses that you can put on:

Kimono Sleeve Dress

The empire waist of this dress is the perfect match for your ever-growing belly. You can even wear it during your pre-delivery and post-delivery days. The dress won’t disturb your comfort, instead, give a stylish would-be-mommy look.

Emma Maternity Midi Dress

The dress is in a cool color that is perfect for your summer. It has attachments and some ruffle that make it look so cute and also very comfortable for you.

Side Slit Maternity Dress

As we all know that side slit is so much in trend right now. So why not would-be-mothers get this cute gift. The pink blush color makes you feel happy and confident that automatically make your baby grow healthy.

Floral Smocked Off Should Dress

The dress has a double lined skirt to save you having any mistakenly showing off the skin. As the dress is in off-shoulder design that makes it summer-friendly one and smocking design make it trendy.

Belted Shirt Dress

Whether it be your simple summer dress or maternity dress, a shirt dress always looks classy. And with a belt, you can adjust the dress according to your comfort.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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