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There are times when you feel like wrong things happening to you in a continuous turn of offices and most of the times instead of focusing on what could be done we slip in the wrong behaviours. For example, we self-victimized ourselves’- Why is it happening with me? ‘Why is it just me who has to face this always, or in some instance, we even start blaming either others or ourselves? In all of these instances we lose hope or worse still we lose our hope.

There are people where we people lose their temper and lash at people who may or may not have any role to play in the situation. However, this is something we should completely avoid especially at our workplaces otherwise we can land ourselves into trouble.

Imagine a situation where we have a problem with someone or something at our workplaces and we went out lashing at other people or may be the higher authority. Will it help in the first place? Lashing at someone or cribbing about something is definitely not the solution to any problem in the world. So what should we do in similar situations at our workplace?

One thing we could do is talk about the problem in a polite manner to the concerned authority, HR or someone at the higher authority not individually rather as a team otherwise it won’t be as impactful. We could suggest some solutions on our end also can request the authorities to provide the solution on an immediate basis.

Also, it is advisable we report about the problem to our immediate manager and in cases where they do not take any concerned measures or talk to the authority, we can proceed with the earlier solution.

Thus, everything at the workplace is meant to be done in a systematic and constructive manner if we aim for the solution.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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